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Carmen is a naughty school girl just trying to fit in with the other girls and so badly would love to get on the drama club. There is nothing sexier then a hot girl with brains. Especially one who is as talented as Carmen. While at the audition she chose a performance that could win her a nomination, as the new girl she had to show others that with the whip of her tongue and the hmm of her vocal cords she can land that role, who would have thought she would later become a porn princess.

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Most gymnasts have a stance once their round of back flips and back bends are done with knee bent, head back and arms in the arms in the air. As any good cock sucking school girl does you are to remain on your knees, a smile on your face with a mouth full of cum. Looks like Carmen just scored a 10.0 with the judges for her performance. If you think her dick sucking skills are a talent you should see what else this girl can do with her ass in the air, something for sure you don’t want to miss out on.

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Carmen was in high school but she never got along with the boys her age, she usually went for older guys. She used to ditch her last 2 classes and her boyfriend would pick her up from class and would grab some food and head back to his apartment which usually wound her up on her back. In this photo, looks like cameras shot as she was caught with her shirt as wide open as her legs and taking a pussy pounding from her lover.

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Miss Kinsley once again got into some trouble and was sent to the principals office. Who doesn’t like to see a girl fight right. After the teacher broke up these two hair pulling husseys, Carmen went into the principal to explain her side of the story. She was explaining to principal Adams that she was bent over the chemistry desk and while playing his her partners beaker he slapped her ass but his girlfriend saw. In this photo, she was just showing him what happened the only problem is she wasn’t wearing panties so when she lifted up her skirt the principal got hard and then told her that he could just give her detention in his office for the next 30 minutes to call it even, he then locked the door.

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Carmen Kinsley gets into a Food Fight as the university. Not really but this porn from Innocent High is called Foot Fight. Looking as cute as ever she gives head and takes a big cock in her pussy. Has Carmen ever looks as cute as she does in this porno. Probably she has but I love it anyway. How cute does Carmen need to be anyway. When you are already a perfect ten do you really need to get ranked off the charts? But I guess my personal favorite will always be the busty blonde coed porn star. I like the skirt too and the unbuttoned top.

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From the looks of his king sized dong he was just about to give her his whole kielbasa when she started complaining that it hurt. As any nice gentleman would do he apologized and took her they would take it slow. Now, this is not Carmen’s first rodeo but with a cock the size of a baseball bat you can’t just tare her petite lil pussy apart. Once you get her loved and lubed she will be ready and willing for a few good pumps.

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Carmen really has a great guy in her life; he really does treat her like a princess. This guy contacted her friends and put together such a great birthday party for her with lots of friends, food and gifts. Once everyone left for the evening, this birthday girl wanted to show how much she appreciates all he did to make her day so special so she stripped his clothes off and dropped to her knees. With a few kisses, a stroke or two later, her lips were around his peter.

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This picture of Carmen is from when she started in the business.  When she was younger she did her first scenes for teen sites like Nubiles.  Nubiles one of the great teen porn sites on the net.  She was pretty then and she is still just as sexy and thank you for what you do you make a lot of men across the globe happy with your modeling.